Partner Program

When you become a NotScrap Partner, we take care of your equipment like it’s our own. We even cover 50% of the shipping costs! After cleaning, photographing and market research we list the item(s) to online marketplaces. Through our website you can view your listings and keep track of sales. When you get sales, credit gets added to your account and you have the freedom to withdraw directly or set up monthly automatic payments, or even use your credit for shopping within NotScrap!

Quick and Easy Application

Fill out the Partner Application Form

Briefly explain to us what you wish to sell, what type of equipment, condition, and quantities. *Equipment must be in working condition*

Once we receive the equipment, we quickly prep the equipment for the online marketplace by cleaning, photographing and market research.

A Return on Investment

Receive Monetary Compensation

You are awarded with credit when your item sells. You can withdraw this credit directly or use it on the NotScrap marketplace!


Our constant demand for the newest electronics has caused the world’s fastest-growing waste stream; Enough to cover an area the size of Manhattan in just one year’s worth of e-waste.  Are you making a positive impact?

When you donate to, you are making a positive impact on the environment.  Now more than ever, positive steps need to be taken in order to help reverse the damage that has been done.  Currently, it is estimated that only about 20% of global e-waste is being recycled properly today. That means that the remaining 80% is improperly disposed of, usually dumped into an overcrowded landfill.  Together, let’s increase that 20%! Let NotScrap help you, and the environment, by selling your equipment for you.

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